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01/09/2018 - 21:29

Updates on multidisciplinary cancer treatment

On August 30th, in the the Annual Scientific Conference on Cancer Control - Hue 2018, Vietnam Cancer Association, Hue Central Hospital, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy jointly organized the conference on continuing medical education of multidisciplinary cancer treatment.

National and international experts, professors and doctors in the field attended the training conference on 30/8

Many topics were shared by international oncological experts at the conference, such as gynecological and breast cancer, digestive cancer, pediatric oncology and many other popular cancers, helped the participants update knowledge of effective diagnosis, treatment methods, surgery, nutrition, drug safety and use of chemicals.

According to international cancer specialists, any cancer patient should be assessed comprehensively and in every aspect. Treatment goals and plans, multi-specialty consultation, choosing protocol ... as well as psychological and social issues of a cancer patient play an important role in the process. There should be the participation of many experts in related fields. Effective collaboration between experts will contribute to the highest quality of treatment for cancer patients.

Registering for training program

Throughout the conferences and training courses, it is clear that the centers and hospitals for cancer nationwide shared a more consensus about approaching patients, diagnosis, treatment and patient care for better outcomes.

Story, Photos: Minh Van