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11/07/2017 - 17:03

Updating the latest knowledge on breast cancer diagnosis and treatment

On July 10, Breast Cancer Society of Hue in collaboration with the United States Global Cancer Patients Support Fund held the International Breast Cancer Symposium 2017 (IBCS 2017) with the participation of more than 400 delegates and experts from USA, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam ...

This is an annual conference, attracting the attention of many national and international delegates in the field of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Many national and international delegates participate in the symposium

The conference taking place for 3 days from July 9 to July 11 aimed to update the latest knowledge on breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, particularly to update the information from the 2016 San Antonio Symposium and to support breast cancer patients. At the specialized symposium held on July 10, some local and international experts shared and disseminated information about comprehensive control of breast cancer; intensive anatomy techniques in breast cancer diagnosis; screening for breast disease in Australia: arguing issue between efficacy and over-treatment; future of fat and tissue regeneration techniques in mammary gland surgery; plastic surgery - preservation, partial reconstruction of mammary gland; modern nursing trend. The symposium also spent time discussing the latest breast cancer research and the immediate drawback of breast-conserving surgery.

Representative of the Breast Cancer Society of Hue awards certificates of merit to 4 experts who contributed a lot to the field

In the symposium, some programs such as coaching, training and piloting support of homologous breast cancer were also held at Oncology Center - Hue Central Hospital.


By Minh Van