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08/02/2020 - 16:10

US doctors to provide free cardiovascular surgeries for 50 children in Hue

On the morning of February 7, Dr. Tran Hoai An, Director of Cardiovascular Center, Hue Central Hospital, informed that according to the plan, from February 14 to 24, the institution would coordinate with the American delegation (with 20 doctors) to conduct cardiovascular surgery for about 50 cases of patients aged under 18, and all surgical expenses, medicine and hospital fees would be totally free.

Performing free cardiovascular surgeries at Hue Central Hospital 

Among the members of the surgical team coming to Hue on this occasion, there are many famous doctors and surgeons working at Boston Children's Hospital - a leading pediatric hospital in the US. 

Currently, Cardiovascular Center, Hue Central Hospital has made an announcement that patients having heart disease that need surgery should come to Cardiovascular Center for medical examination and screening.

This free cardiovascular surgery program came from the idea of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Khanh, who has lived and worked in the US since he was a child. After a visit to his hometown 15 years ago, every year since then, he has recruited many colleagues to come to Vietnam to help patients suffering from cardiovascular disease and children having congenital heart disease.

News, photo: Minh Truong