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06/06/2018 - 10:32

US Surgeons and free operations for children in Central Highlands

On June 4th, Resurge International (USA) in cooperation with Hue Central Hospital started the free surgical program for children with deformities in Central Highlands of Vietnam.

The specialists and doctors exchange ideas before screening for children with deformities

This is the 7th collaboration of Resurge International with Hue Central Hospital to organize free surgical programs for children. This time’s program lasts from 2 to 17 of June, 2018.

Right on June 4, nearly 150 cases of children with cleft palates, congenital ptosis, scars contractures by burns, hand deformities ... were examined by doctors, specialists from the U.S. and Hue Central Hospital. Only patients that meet the required standards and have stable health condition are selected for the surgery. This is an opportunity for poor children to have the inborn defect repaired, to restore their faith in the future.

Screening for children with defects

As planned for the implementation of the program this time, Hue Central Hospital and Resurge International Group (USA) will receive applications, do screening and conduct the surgery on 100 cases of eligible children. Surgical procedures are fully compliant with global medical standards. In cases of children with deformities that face with financial problems, the Hospital will considers supporting them with hospital accommodation expenses in order to help reduce part of their economic burden.

By Minh Van