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11/12/2018 - 16:12

Valuable information emerges owing to result of archaeological survey of King Dong Khanh Tomb relic site

According to Hue Monuments Conservation Center, archeological findings from the recent survey of the relics of King Dong Khanh Tomb conducted by the Center revealed a lot of valuable information.

At the tomb of Kien Thai Vuong, an embankment system of the courtyard appears at about 60cm deep in the ground. This is the standard basis for verifying the technique of building wall foundation footing with a special structure consisting of stone laying fortified with lime and bricks to curb the foundation.  At the tomb of Vinh Thai and the tomb of Prince Canh, the archaeological excavation also discovered an entire staircase system which was buried over time. The excavations also revealed five unique drainage systems with brick wall foundation footing and an embankment system. The embankment system in front of King Dong Khanh tomb complex is regarded as the ‘minh duong’ element in fengshui (concerning a body of water in front of a house).

The results of excavation of King Dong Khanh Tomb complex help to fully identify the process of construction and existence of the architectural works. The archaeological results are an important source of information for the conservation of monuments in the near future.

By Dong Van