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21/05/2018 - 21:04

Vesak 2562 in Hue: Seven giant lotus lanterns launched onto Perfume River

As part of Vesak 2562, on the morning of May 20, the organization board performed the rite of launching seven giant lotus lanterns onto the Perfume River at the area behind Quoc Hoc stele (Le Loi street, Hue city).

Seven lotus flowers are symbolic of seven tranquil steps of Lord Buddha

Each colossal lotus lantern is over 4 meters tall and around 7.5 meters wide. Each petal made of pinky silk is around 2 meters wide. Each lantern is placed on a platform kept floating by empty barrels.

After the lanterns were in turn pulled out onto the Perfume River, the technicians aligned them in a straight line in the middle of the river. There is an independent electric generator on each flower to ensure the light source, safety and it will not affect the waterway transport. The rite of lighting lotus lanterns is expected to take place on the night of May 23 and last to the end of Vesak.

The rite of launching lotus flowers onto Perfume River

This is one of the rites which have been carried out for 10 years. Seven lotus flowers on Perfume River are symbolic of seven tranquil steps of Lord Buddha.

Story and photos: P. Thanh