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22/09/2019 - 11:28

Viet Nam SUP Race 2019 brings excitement to spectators 

In the framework of sideline activities of the international long-distance road cycling ride competition of the Coupe de Hue 2019, on September 21 on the Huong River, the Vietnam SUP Race 2019 took place.

The tournament attracted numerous athletes of all ages. In addition, there was the participation of international athletes.

This race was elevated from the Song Huong Peddlefest 2018 and was the first SUP (Standing up paddle board) race in Vietnam, taking place in Hue.

At the tournament, with the enthusiastic cheering of the spectators standing on the banks of the river, the athletes competed fiercely in 3 contents: Kid race (1km), Fun race (2km), sprint (500m), and long course (6km).

Some photos at Viet Nam Sup Race 2019:

The young athletes listened to the rules before entering the competition ...

... and were well-prepared by parents

The young athletes stirring up a whole river

Before going onto the water, the athletes must check the SUP very carefully

The Huong River witnessing the second race

The players competing fiercely

The female athletes followed each other very closely

The athletes struggling in the turning stage

Many athletes had "accidents" during the race

Efforts to sprint forward

Joy of victory

Representatives of the organizing committee awarded medals to the athletes 

By Le Tho