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10/06/2019 - 17:13

Vietnam Airlines recruits 700 positions for students of Hue University of Economics

On the morning of June 9, University of Economics, Hue University organized "Job Fair 2019", attracting 17 units and enterprises throughout the country to participate in employment consulting and recruitment interviewing.

Representatives of Vietnam Airlines staff exchanging and consulting on employment for students

This time, the participated enterprises recruit 1,278 job positions in many fields such as human resources, auditors, finance and banking, marketing, business management ... in which Vietnam Airlines participates in the recruitment of 700 positions; other units recruit dozens to hundreds of employment positions in the fields of work suitable to the majors trained in the university.

In addition to participating in recruitment interviews, the candidates had a chance to listen to the businesses introducing and providing information about the vacancies and career orientation.

* In the framework of the program, on June 9, the University of Economics also held a signing ceremony of a memorandum of cooperation between the university and businesses.

At the signing ceremony

According to the representative of the university, this event is organized to support businesses and students, creating a meeting place, and meeting the needs of the parties on recruitment and employment within the economic sector. Through the festival, the university could establish the relationship and connect with the enterprises in improving the quality of training towards better meeting the requirements of society.

By Huu Phuc