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24/05/2018 - 20:57

Vietnam ranks 7th peaceful Asian countries

On May 23, ANN cited recently released World Justice Project (WJR) report that Vietnam ranks 7th in the list of the most peaceful Asian countries, while Singapore is seen as the most peaceful country in the world.

Vietnam is ranked 7th among the most peaceful countries in Asia. Photo: Internet/Balloonhalongbay

The report measures how people perceive order and security in terms of the occurrence of common crimes such as homicide, kidnapping, burglary and theft, armed robbery and extortion, people’s general perceptions of safety in their communities, etc.

According to the survey, people in Singapore feel most secure and believe their country to have more order and peace than other countries in the region. In Asia, Singapore is followed by Japan (world rank 8). Vietnam is ranked 7th among the most peaceful Asian countries and 42 globally.

South Korea (world rank 22) ranks third in Asia. China (28) is ranked fourth in Asia, far ahead of Mongolia, Malaysia and Indonesia ranked 39, 41 and 49 respectively.

Ranked at 57, Nepal surpasses its South Asian neighbors that are vulnerable to  ethnic and religious conflicts. Accordingly, Sri Lanka ranks 59, followed by Myanmar (64), Thailand (69) and Cambodia (81).

India is ranked 98 globally, preceding Bangladesh (102) and Philippines (107). Pakistan ranks 113, perceived as the world’s most unsafe country.

Source: DataLEADS/ANN

Compiled by: Le Thao