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25/08/2017 - 08:20

Vietnam Sea and Islands Exhibition in the Czech Republic

Thanks to the support of the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic, especially with the support of the authorities of district Prague 1, the photo exhibition was opened in the Republic Square, “the heart of Prague ", on the morning of 12/7/2017.

After 4 years (2013 - 2017) of 86 exhibitions on "Paracel and Spratly archipelagos of Vietnam. Historical data and legal evidence" in 57 provinces, 11 islands and island districts, and 17 military units, by mid-July, 1977, the Ministry of Information and Communications launched an exhibition on Vietnamese islands sovereignty abroad. Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, is the first place abroad selected by the Ministry of Information and Communications for the exhibition "Vietnam: Country and People – A look from the sea and the islands".

Prague residents and international visitors visiting the exhibition

Previously, in May 2017, the delegation of the Ministry of Information and Communications arrived in Prague and worked with the Czech Ministry of Culture, Town Hall in district Prague 1, the Embassy of Vietnam and representatives of the community of Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic to discuss the plan to coordinate the exhibition. The Czech Republic enthusiastically supported Vietnam to organize an exhibition to introduce to the Czech people, the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic and visitors to Prague about