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31/05/2022 - 19:33

Vietnam Summer Fair 2022 art and costume show 

The art and costume show that took place on the evening of May 29th wrapped up the Vietnam Summer Fair 2022 organized by the Provincial Development Research Institute.

The program introduces viewers to traditional costumes 

The program introduced viewers to traditional costume designs of the Vietnamese and Cham people through the process of development with the cultural industry.

Audiences could enjoy collections from brands, such as Chiem Thanh Vuong Cac, V'Style, Quang Hoa, Vietcharm, Linda Design, Chieu Minh Cac... These are the brands that have researched and restored ancient costumes and have contributed to spreading the trend of ancient costumes in contemporary life.

The Chiem Thanh Vuong Cac group also introduced the costumes and arts of Champa culture, especially the recreation of costumes in the wedding ceremony of the Cham people.

In addition to the costume performance, the gala night also introduced the art of Ca Hue (Hue Singing) to friends from far and wide through the performances: Chau Van Hue - full of love; concerts of Luu Thuy, Kim Tien, Xuan Phong, Long Ho, Pham Tuyet, Co Ban… as well as performing arts of Southern ritual music.

Taking place in two days, May 28-29, this was the first Vietnam Summer Fair in Vietnam, and Hue was the first locality to host it. The program took place successfully with the participation of 30 units and 100 individuals working in the creative field from three regions of the country.

Vietnam Summer Fair 2022 not only aimed to become a dynamic creative space but also to open up new development opportunities for generations to come, focusing on enhancing the spirit of multidisciplinary cooperation to create the foundation for a sustainable and progressive creative and cultural industry ecosystem.

Some photos captured at the Vietnam Summer Fair 2022 art and costume show:

Over time, traditional costumes have always been a companion and always present in life

Re-creating costumes in the wedding ceremony of the Cham people

Performance of Vietnamese costumes and the development of the cultural industry

In recent years, ancient costumes have become a popular trend among young people

Impressive designs of ancient costumes

The program also introduced the unique features of Hue folk art

Performing arts of Southern ritual music

Ethnic musical instrument performance closed the closing gala night of Vietnam Summer Fair 2022

Story and photos: Minh Hien - Institute of Research and Development