Autumn colors of Hue (9 pics)

The autumn comes to Hue ancient capital with idyllic beauty. Many people think that Hue has no autumn; however, the autumn in Hue is only seen by close attention. Yellow foliage and fallen leaves on the pavements are the most clearly signs of the autumn. It brings incessant rains pouring over grass and trees; until the days with little sunshine, can people see yellow leaves, and even red leaves softly falling in the wind.

Those who love Hue will find it beautiful in every season. Those who love the calm and rusticity of Hue, will love it more in the autumn, love the rains of the Central area falling continually throughout the week. After the hasty rains, Hue’s sky returns itself blue and clear whenever autumn comes. Let’s enjoy photos of Hue when the season is changing, so as to love the ancient capital more.

By Le Huy Hoang Hai

The autumn is a beautiful season to shoot beautiful photos.