Delicious ‘kình’ fish pancake (7 pics)

Hue is again in season of ‘kình’ fish (white-spotted spine foot or Siganus canaliculatus). The fish inhabits in semi-fresh water in Tam Giang Lagoon. This a unique specialty that Nature offers to the lagoon residents in Thua Thien Hue.

Nowadays, the locals know what breed to select to grow instead of hunting fish in the natural environment. By comparison with wild-caught fish, the meat of farmed fish is not as firm and greasy, but tastes almost the same. This kind of fish can be processed into many delicious dishes such as fish soup cooked with pineapple, or steamed fish with malabar spinach, etc; however the most popular one to many people, especially to Hue native people living far away from home, who often come back for when the fish season comes, is ‘kình’ fish pancake.

This dish is available at the central market of Chuon Village, Phu An Commune (Phu Vang District) since long, and always attracts a lot of customers. The strange thing is the customers have to select and buy the fish by themselves, then bring to the stalls and ask the sellers to make the cakes. It is said that this custom is to let the eaters choose their own fresh fish for the cakes.

The following photos taken by Dang Tuyen, our collaborator, give the readers a chance to observe and "enjoy" the steps of making ‘kình’ fish pancakes.


A customer chooses fish by herself