Elegance with Chamber Ca Hue (Hue Traditional Singing) (7 pics)

In order to create more exciting destinations for Hue at night, the business Our Hue (Hue Cua Ta) has cooperated with the Chamber Ca Hue Club to hold Ca Hue performance on every Friday night at block 145, Phan Dinh Phung street (Hue city), where was formerly the palace of Queen Mother Tu Cung - the wife of King Khai Dinh and mother of King Bao Dai.

With the clever arrangement, soft and moderate music, visitors coming here could enjoy not only the "specialty" culture of Hue, but also the Hue food in romantic and cozy space. It is so interesting a new experience that if you have come once, you will want to go to for the next times.


Cozy space to listen to Chamber Ca Hue on weekend. Photo: Anh Quan