Experiences of 100 Hue and Vietnamese imperial, folk dishes (13 pics)

An exhibition and experience of 100 Hue and Vietnamese imperial, folk dishes was held on the night of April 28 at Phu Noi Vu (Home Affairs Bureau) – Hue Citadel.

There are nearly 30 domestic and international leading chefs with their own unique cooking secrets coming to process and introduce 100 famous imperial and folk dishes in Hue’s golden age.

The exhibition’s space is reconstructed in the ancient style with a sparkling, poetic “Hue garden”.

Especially, visitors have a chance to enjoy a buffet party with 100 Hue imperial and folk dishes which are typical of the culinary culture of the locality in specific and of Vietnam in general.

The program will finish on May 2.

Photos taken at the program:

By Bao Minh

Locals and tourists come to experience dishes