Hue’s craft of making unicorn heads (10 pics)

Hue’s unicorn heads are not only famous for the meticulousness and sophistication put into making them, but also for several creative and beautiful details. Through the hands of the talented artists, the unicorn heads appear with the majestic and characteristic features of the Hue’s unicorn head.

When the Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner, the traditional craft areas which specialize in making unicorn heads become busier than ever. Since February of the lunar calendar, these craft stores have produced unicorn heads for the market within and outside the province for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

By Le Huy Hoang Hai

Different from the South and the North, with the traditional craft of making unicorn heads in Hue, the mold is made from cement. The assembly and “paper-mâché” (mashed paper) processes are done carefully at the beginning of the summer.