Pho Trach rush mats (8 pics)

When the rice is in its booting and flowering stage, people in Pho Trach village, Phong Binh commune (Phong Dien district) start collecting bàng (rushes) to prepare materials to weave mats in their coming leisure after harvesting rice.

For generations, industrious women of Pho Trach village, be young or old, in the sun or the rain, work hard day to day from the rice field to the rush field to earn extra income for living.

The photographs taken by Nong Van Huy Toan group give a genuine and lively reflection of necessary steps to make rush mats. Via this group's lens, the images of Pho Trach village women at work become brighter and more beautiful.


The rush is dried under the sun 4-5 times until fully dried