Protecting specialities for the lagoon (7 pics)

To protect aquatic resources, avoid destructive fishing means, the local people in Quang Dien Lagoon have come up with a good method which is to make Trộ Chôm (small ponds) to both earn income in the leisure season after harvest time and not to do harm to fishes, shrimps and environment. Each pond is made within 1 day by 5 workers – who are strong men and get used to the water because the depth of each pond can reach over 3 meters. Sometimes the workers have to dive deeply to pile and check the piles.

Although the income gained from each pond is not too much, usually from 15 to 20 million VND per season (in 6 months), the people living along the lagoon area still do this just for the purpose of protecting the provincial fishery, maintaining as much as possible special kinds of fishes and shrimps such as spotted scats, spotted spinefoots , jarbua terapons, etc., instead of taking it as the measure of economic value.

By Thua Thien Hue Weekly

The bamboo poles are set up closely in a round shape. Photo: Hoang Anh