Soft and fragrant Hue crystallized ginger bulb (7 pics)

The process to make crystallized ginger bulb is different from the one to make normal crystallized ginger, which is choose evenly old and smooth ginger bulbs, thinly slicing them, then soaking them in lemon juice, and salt water, etc., before simmering them until they are dry. For crystallized ginger bulb, people often choose young ginger bulbs with stalks, then evenly press them by spiky sticks before soak them in salt water, then take them out of the salt water and let them dry, then simmer them until they get soft, so as to keep the featured spicy, soft and fragrant taste of Hue crystallized ginger.

As making crystallized ginger bulb requires hard working and meticulousness, not many households today make this jam. Therefore, it is hard to find crystallized ginger bulb in the market. However, in the households that have the tradition of making crystallized ginger since the old days, the elderly still keep the craft so that when Tet and Spring come, or simply when they want to change the food for a warmer winter, they make crystallized ginger bulb to maintain the craft and let the younger generations have one more food sipped with a cup of hot tea in the houses full of fresh ginger aroma for the last days of the year leisurely.

Let’s "enjoy" Hue crystallized ginger bulb via collaborator Anh Quan's photo album!


The lower parts of the stalks and young shoots are kept