Summer in Bach Ma (8 pics)

Bach Ma was found out by civil engineer Raoul Desmarest in March, 1933. Up to February 1936, the French planned about 300 hectares of forest to build resort on Bach Ma Mountain. Until 1942, there were 139 completed villas in total. The owners of these villas were French officials, French elites and mandarins or royal families of Nguyen Dynasty. After 1945, time and wars made all of the luxurious villas a ruin. Being one of the seven high-grade aerial resorts in Indochina in the past, Bach Ma gradually fell into oblivion.

In 1991, Bach Ma National Park was officially established with the total area of about 22,301 hectares. In 2008, it was expanded with the total area being about 31,487 hectares. Since that time on, people started to restore and exploit some villa complex there. Electricity, water and transport infrastructure have also been invested to meet the demand of tourism. Although the service hasn’t developed abundantly, the way to the mountain is just a concrete road, the natural landscapes as well as the fresh air and the interesting experiences under green forest make Bach Ma an unforgettable impression on anybody who has come to Bach Ma just one time.

By Huy Khanh

Coming to Marine Fortress (Vong Hai Dai), tourists’ cameras will be full of beautiful pictures