Tam Giang lagoon – from a different viewpoint (12 pics)

Through the viewpoint of the author, the viewers will have a new feeling about Tam Giang: the simple but liberal strokes among the thoughtful and lyrical ancient capital.

Tam Giang Lagoon covers an area of around 52km2, stretching about 24km towards the West-northwest – East-southeast direction, from O Lau River’s estuary to that of the Perfume River. Tam Giang Lagoon fascinates people by the wild beauty of long-standing fishing villages, the scenes of the seafood ponds dyed by sunset color or the water images dyed yellow by the sunshine at dawn.

This immense lagoon is known as an idyllic countryside. In here, there are no bustling amusement parks or castles. However, taking a full-day trip to Tam Giang Lagoon is enough to enjoy the beauty of this ancient lagoon.

For a long time, we have contemplated the fascinating beauty of Tam Giang Lagoon through many different viewpoints of photographers. Now, let come to the newer viewpoints to contemplate together the unique beauty of Tam Giang Lagoon system.

By Tinh Hao

At dawn with fascinating various colors on Da Bac Lagoon