The refined lotus tea (8 pics)

Have you ever enjoyed lotus tea? I have tried it already! When a tea pack is opened, the scent of lotus blends with the aroma of fine tea to perfume the whole quiet room in a summer morning.

Take a sip of tea, you feel like swallowing the whole taste of heaven and earth; the sweetness on the tip of tongue plus the elegant scent of the lotus make life seem to flow slowly around the cup of lotus tea in hand.

To get a good quality lotus tea pack, tea maker must get up early when the lotus bubs have not yet bloomed, then picking them home and soaking them in the water pot to keep them fresh. Later, the tea maker puts tea into the lotus bubs. It depends on the guests’ needs that he chooses the suitable tea; but lotus tea makers often choose the finest tea to match the pure and elegant beauty of lotus. After using leaves to cover the bubs and soak them in the water pot overnight, the tea can be used immediately. But, to make tea more delicious and gentler, the tea makers often scent it in refrigerator for 2 months or more.

Its process is so sophisticated that the price of the lotus tea is not cheap at all. However, if you love tea, you should try it once, surely you will not squander any money at all!


Lotus tea. Photo: Trung Phan