The talented hands (11 pics)

Traditional handmade embroidery is different from embroidery by machine, or cross stitch embroidery, etc., as it requires the embroiderers skillful and talented hands, bright eyes and delicate mind, as well as the carefulness and passion. Only with needles, threads, and cloths, handmade embroiderers immerse themselves into them to create unique products with delicate patterns, soft, harmonious and beautiful images.

In Hue, there are many talented embroiderers across the wards of Kim Long and Phu Hoa, etc. However, most of them are in Thuan Loc embroidery village located in Tay Linh area, Thuan Loc ward. Day by day, these embroiderers work hard with the embroidery frames so as to create beautiful embroidery works for life.

Hue News would like to introduce a photo album of “The talented hands” by photographer Nguyen Khoa Huy.

By Hue News

The space of an embroidery workshop