Yellow calona fields solicit travellers (9 pics)

In Hue, the calona plants usually bloom after Tet and they are planted into the small beds instead of the large fields. However, these small beds of calona flowers still attract the youngsters to come and save beautiful moments.

The two most attractive calona fields are the field in front of Kim Long market (Hue city) and La Chu field (Huong Chu district, Huong Tra town) and many other fields which are scattered in Thuong Thanh, Bai Dau, etc.

Despite the early flowering season, the fields are crowded with the young people, couples and young families to come to take pictures; even middle-aged couples also come here to take beautiful pictures.

By Nguyen Phuc Bao Minh

  • Calona flowers on fields in Hue City and vicinities in the blooming season

  • Many couples choose the calona fields to shoot the wedding photos

  • Ms. Thuy Nhien (working in Ho Chi Minh city) is charmed with calona flowers so she takes the memories in hometown by herself

  • Calona fields in Kim Long are the places where families go with their children to save beautiful moments

  • Having fun on the calona field

  • Props and assistants are mobilized to “the scene”

  • The girls in the ao dai passionately pose for photos

  • It costs VND 20 thousand/arrival to come into the fields

  • One more calona season