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20/07/2017 - 15:38

Wandering Hue streets at night

After 9 pm, Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street, streets popular with foreign tourists, Hung Vuong, Ben Nghe, Ba Trieu street (Hue City), etc…become more crowded.

A young group playing music and singing on Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street.

Full of colors and sound

Truong Tien Bridge which is compared to a “rainbow” at night, stands out brilliantly in glittering lights. On the river bank by the bridge, tourists take turns taking photographs of Truong Tien Bridge. In another corner of Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street, a group of teenagers are playing songs of youth, desire and love of life on the guitar. Non-professional performances truly fascinate tourists, making them stop and dance along the music.

Pham Hoai Bao, a freelance artist is leaning against a tree and painting. In spite of the hectic setting, he is absorbed in his own world. Bao has been painting pictures on this street for almost 7 years for his living and satisfying his passion. He said: “Tourists often choose pictures featuring Hue typical scenes such as Truong Tien Bridge, Thien Mu Pagoda, Ngo Mon Gate as souvenirs. Although we mainly focus on these subjects, my friends and I try to breathe new life into the pictures, making them more lively.”

Tourists enjoy kneading toy figurines Tò he on Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street

Upriver from Truong Tien bridge, a mist has risen, and dragon boats full of tourists are floating on the river, in the melancholy sound of traditional musical instruments and with twinkling lanterns lowered onto the water to pray for peace.

Around the streets, it is easily to catch sight of lines of pedicabs with tourists. Pedicabs run slowly through the ancient citadel and then through busy streets. Huu Tai, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh city said: “ Sitting on a pedicab brings me a peaceful feeling and makes me feel “posh” in this ancient city.”

Eat and play at night

Hue night is also considered night of cuisine. Streets are flooded with small shops of sweet soup, bread, cakes. Trendy teenagers choose Korean restaurants such as Spicy Noodle Seoul City, Lintee Milktea, etc…at reasonable prices. Linh Chi (Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city) said: “Mom takes me to enjoy night food in the city center once or twice a week. I have seen many Korean dishes on television and now I have chance to try them in my city.”

The youth are interested in shopping at night. It is time consuming and inconvenient if they stop at different shops one by one. Therefore, the night markets on Ba Trieu street, Den market on To Hien Thanh street become convenient for shopping now. Actually, these are places for “young sellers” to gather and sell clothes, shoes or accessories. These items are quite plentiful and lovely at a reasonable price and many of them are handmade by students such as hair decorations, bracelets or key rings. Apart from shopping purpose, wandering around these markets is also a way to relieve stress after a hard day. Den market is even more attractive with balls, lights and swing decorations that teenagers can “check in” on social networks.

Till mid-night, most of the shops are closed, Hue railway station is still bustling with laughters and talks. In the dim light, simply with a hot tea pot, some water-melon seeds or local peanut candies, people can chat for hours. Some of them just want to behold the scene of joyful reunion or touching farewell that is part of this life.  

Late at night, the most crowded and hectic place must be the “Westerners” streets with bars like DMZ, Brown Eyes...Entering there, you will catch sight of many people with different colors and languages.

Many say that Hue city goes to sleep early, but you will still find joys at night if you try to.

By Phuoc Ly