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18/03/2022 - 07:46

Wedding signing pictures: Keeping happiness

On the big day, every bride and groom wants to receive the sweetest wishes. Not only through words, today, many couples also keep all the wishes and memories with relatives and friends in happy parties from wedding signing pictures.

Sending wishes on the wedding day to wedding signing pictures

Before the wedding day, my girlfriend and I struggled with the story of preserving the wedding day moments. Photos have been taken, the wishes will be sent by relatives and friends, but how to fully preserve the wishes and memorable memories on the big day is not easy. Ly Na, a friend of mine quickly introduced: "Making a picture to sign on it on the wedding day, wishes can't be blown away".

Creative signing pictures have become a new trend instead of the traditional signature book. Attending the wedding of a few friends recently, the pictures of the wedding day to be signed on are decorated lovely right at the reception area, becoming the highlight and maintaining a lot of wishes and autographs of beloved family, friends and colleagues.

Nguyen Thu Trang, a newlywed "trendy" friend, analyzes: "Wishes and memories are much more precious than material things. After that big day, the signed picture of the wedding day can be displayed at the bride and groom's private house, marking an unforgettable gift and wedding anniversary that the guests have for the couple. This is very meaningful to both the giver and the receiver. Imagine many years later, re-reading those words, I will be very touched.”

Young people learning about signing pictures on the wedding day

The wedding signature picture is not really a picture painted in color but is a large piece of paper that is framed and saved a lot of signatures of the guests at the wedding party.

Currently, the wedding signature picture is often designed with enough white space to be signed on and writen more wishes. In the center position, there are quite a few options for the two main characters, one is to print wedding photos and information of the bride and groom, another is to draw chibi (drawing from a real person into a tiny, funny and cute person) of the couple.

Dinh Trang, a designer of wedding signature pictures, shared that many years ago, a similar form was applied by many couples, which is the wedding day signing book. However, each time there are new ones. The signature painting picture was born to dispel the monotony of the wedding day signature book. Guests will stay longer in front of colorful paintings. In addition to signing, guests can also leave a lovely message for the young couple.

The development of technology allows unlimited ideas. Wedding day signing paintings are also diverse depending on the creative ideas of both the designer and the requirements of the bride and groom. Currently, two other types that are often chosen by many couples are 2D and 3D paintings.

Many wedding day signing paintings are designed to be eye-catching

2D signature paintings are pre-drawn pictures, wedding guests can print their fingerprints or sign in the blanks to save their presence and blessings at the great wedding of the bride and groom. The image of the bride and groom in the center and wishes around is a simple way to create a signing picture.

Some people use basic blocks, put them together to form hearts, hot air balloons, trees, bunches of bubbles, etc. And the picture will be completed when guests sign or print their fingerprints on the blanks.

As for the 3D wedding signature painting, it will be decorated with floating effects such as leaves, flowers, bubbles, etc. These motifs are meticulously designed, bringing vividness and creativity to the picture during the ceremony. The patterns are cut or decorated meticulously such as wooden leaves or fabric flowers, etc., skillfully form a beautiful picture.

The "throne" of the wedding day signature painting, in addition to the great meanings, makes it easy for many couples to consider and choose because the cost of making pre-designed paintings is relatively reasonable, about 450,000 to 1 million VND per painting. The bride and groom can order a custom design or be more creative by making pictures by hand to match the wedding decoration style.

Many young people share, the wedding is not only a ceremony to confirm the marriage, have a feast, but a it is a big day in everyone's life. For that reason, autograph paintings will be a lovely and interesting choice. As for me, when I join that trend, put a picture with many wishes and signatures right in the bedroom, I will definitely remember the beginning of that happy married life.

Story: HUU PHUC – Photos: HP - KALINA - TA XIM