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02/01/2020 - 14:11

Welcoming first 10 tourists in 2020 to visit Hue heritage

On the morning of Jan1, 2020, at Ngo Mon, Hue Monuments Conservation Center held aceremony to welcome the first tourists visitingHue heritage site in the year.

Leader of Hue Monuments Conservation Centerposing commemorative photo with the first tourists

In 2019, the entrance ticket sales revenueof Hue Monuments Conservation Center achieved VND 387 billion, higher than in 2018. To attract visitors, in 2020, the heritage area will continue to be renovated, embellishthe landscape, as well as restoreand recover themonuments. Moreover, many festivals, displays, exhibitions and performing arts in response to the Festival 2020 willbe organized as well...

Particularly on the occasion of CanhTyLunar New Year, in addition to special arts and culture programs for visitors visitingHue heritage site in the first 3 days of the new year, Hue Monuments Conservation Center also hold an ceremony oferection of New Year's Tree, activitiesof “Tet cakesin the past” and sealopening innew year.

By Dong Van