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12/12/2018 - 08:34

Welcoming Japanese films in Hue

Being held for the first time in Hue, Japanese Film Festival with lively stories about the life, culture and spirit of Japanese people is warmly welcomed by the audience.

Waiting for the projection

Experiencing the spirit of Japanese people

Taking place from November 17 to December 9 at BHD Star Hue Cineplex (Hue city), the Japanese Film Festival brings to the audience the atmosphere and culture of the land of the rising sun through special films such as Mr.Tora and Goto island, Rudolf the Black Cat, Creppy Fake Neighbour, Her Love Boils Bathwater, Relife and Chihayafuru. In there, the audience could experience and deeply felt the life and spirit of Japanese people.

“Chihayafuru” is the film that the audience await eagerly. Linking with the tradition, holding reverence for the deities and expressing sporting spirit are the highlights that bring the audience back to the tradition and nourish the noble-minded spirit. There are 3 seasons in “Chihayafuru”. It is a student film talking about the innocent pupilage, turning around the special interest of a group of young people in traditional art of Japan such as ancient Karuta cards (the card-slapping game with old poems of Japan printed on each card. This card game came out into society since the 19th century of the Meiji Restoration period). Their win is not overcoming the opponent but overcoming themselves and the psychology of competition to find out the real happiness when playing Karuta. No matte they win or lose, they still make the bow to thank each other. With a generation of young people being nourished in chivalrousness, the prosperous development of Japan is not hard to understand.

“Mr. Tora on Goto island” is a touching story about the love for homeland and the way to educate children of a Japanese man. Mr.Tora wants his children to work to grow up and understand about the hardship and the values of working. Mr. Tora loves Goto island. He is grateful for what nature has given, and also wants his children to identify themselves with homeland, etc.

Japanese Film Festival is an annual event held by the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam. This is the 10th year of the festival and this is also the first time the festival has approached Hue audience. Screening 16 films of many genres: drama, comedy, horror, cartoon and documentary with many themes from student lives, family stories to cartoon and comic strips, etc. The festival introduces to the audience loving cinema and Japanese culture the newest and the most special cinematographic works of Japanese cinema. All of the films have Vietnamese subtitle.

The audience receive tickets at BHD Star Hue Cineplex

Emotional connection

Over the days, Japanese Film Festival has been welcomed warmly by the audience, especial young people. Mr. Bui Phi Tung, Manager of BHD Star Hue Cineplex said that the number of audience registering to receive tickets is always higher than the number of released tickets. Japan is the country that many young people in Hue choose to study abroad and work overseas. Therefore, they are eager to explore the culture and beautiful landscape of Japan through films.

Dieu Phuc (Vy Da, Hue city), an international student graduated university in Japan shared: “after 4 years living there, I really like the culture of Japanese people. Watching the films, I am engulfed in touching moments and have chance to relive the memories of the time when I study in this beautiful country”.

Quynh Luu (Thuy Luong, Huong Thuy), a girl who is going to come to Japan to work, expressed her eager and curious feelings about this country. “I will take a flight to Japan in two weeks so I want to learn more about the lifestyle and culture of people there. Thanks to the films, I get to know well about the place I am going to come to work,” Quynh Luu shares excitedly.

Mr. Jun Kawai, Deputy Chairman of Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange expressed his delight when the film festival receives attention of many young audiences. “We want to introduce the atmosphere and the trends of Japan by showing the new films which Japanese people like recently. By watching the same films, Vietnamese and Japanese audience will form a connection through sharing feelings. That is a cultural link which brings us closer to Vietnamese audience and to Hue, contributing to strengthening the relationship between two countries”, Mr. Jun Kawai shared.

This is also the first time that the film festival has a special free film screening program dedicated to Hue. In order to response to the love of the audience over the days, the Japanese Center for Cultural Exchange in Viet Nam decided to continue to hold the 2018 Japanese Film Festival in Hue from December 14 - 23.

Story, Photos: Minh Hien