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02/01/2022 - 07:47

Welcoming New Year 2022 - Connection and Shining

On the night of December 31, Hue University of Education held an art program called “Welcoming New Year 2022 – Connection and Shining” with the message from the rector to the whole officials, lecturers, trainees, and students of the university.

A performance at the program

The art program was meticulously invested and staged with various performances such as the Sonata Beethoven Virus; Spring Refrain in chorus, together with many other performances including the songs Spring Whisper, Listening to the Spring, and Dancesport, etc.

There were only the attendance of the university’s leaders and the representatives of units, as well as the artists and performers at the main stage of the University of Education. From the main stage, the program was live-streamed to all officials, lecturers, parents, trainees, students, and former students at home and abroad.

The highlight of this year’s program was the New Year greeting and New Year’s message from the Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Anh Phuong, rector of the University to the whole university’s officials, lecturers, trainees, students, and former students after going through a difficult year due to the pandemic.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Anh Phuong emphasized: “Over the year, we’ve achieved a new second position: A digital position on IT platform. With this achievement, each individual has adapted, worked for development, and lived with it. We thank the deadlocked experiences for giving us a new life that is as passionate and colorful as our real life. Together, we are entering the New Year. The Tiger of the New Year already comes back as strong as it has always been, getting involved and accepting all sadness and happiness; going through the rainy days to love sunny days more, etc.”.

By Huu Phuc