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12/10/2021 - 11:24

When girls passionate about “Classic Bikes”

It is little known that on the "classic bikes" on the roads, behind the protective clothing are beautiful, young and dynamic girls. The hobby of riding classic bikes was apparently only for big and mighty men; nowadays, the girls also boldly manifest their individuality through this hobby.

The girls of individuality freely show their passion for classic bikes

Nostalgic beauty

Not as aggressive and heavy as a large motorcycle, a classic bike is a classic and simple model in terms of the mechanical system, frame, and appearance, so it is suitable for both boys and girls.

Le Thi My Hang carried me on a Honda Winadventure around the city; while moving, Hang introduced me to the characteristics of this bike model.

Basically, a classic bike is shaped on a straight line axis from front to back; the barycenter of the bike is evenly divided on 2 wheels and has the same size from the saddle, petrol tank to the engine. The handlebar is shortened, horizontal with the petrol tank, and the exhaust is 35 to 40 degrees high. All create a striking design, creating a unique style for each person.

Hang said with her passion for this bike model since she was a student, after being introduced by a friend and trying riding a Wolf125 bike, this passion has grown even more. So she determined to own a classic bike partly for her passion, partly its suitability for her individuality.

Not just Hang, girls today are very interested in the motorbikes full of individuality and strength. Owning a Kawasaki W650, Truong Thi Thuy Trang, 26, Hue City said although a girl, she is very passionate about speed.

“I previously tried riding many different bike models and was interested in this classic model because of its nostalgic and attractive beauty. My relatives repeatedly prevented me; however, for my great passion, I was determined to own them," Trang said.

The price of a classic bike depends on the quality and year of manufacture. A normal classic bike ranges in price from 25 million to several tens of millions of dong. For those with the financial capability, they can spend a few hundred million dong, or even billions of dong on a deluxe classic bike.

Individuality shown

Partially passionate, but dependent on the financial capability and willingness for payment, each girl will choose a classical bike for herself. However, for many economic reasons, utility and evaluation from the people around, the girls in Hue still waver.

When asked if she was afraid that everyone judged when she rode a masculine bike, Hang laughed: “At first, I was also a bit afraid, afraid of being told that I didn't look like a girl, I was manlike. But the more I ride, the more I love my bike. Sometimes I am even praised as “weather-beaten”; I feel very happy and no longer afraid of being assessed as at first".

Classic bikes suitable for the girls passionate about backpacking

“In the 4.0 era, many people's thought change, so do I. I feel that my riding this bike model is very impressive and create my own style as long as my always ensure safety and observe the law. I really admire the beautiful girls who can both ride and repair their bikes. Many girls even go backpacking alone," confided Hang.

In Hue, there are numerous clubs and communities of riding classic bikes. They connect via passion, from which to exchange, share experience and explore new routes together. Classic bikes are very suitable for young people passionate about backpacking and fond of exploration because they have a “weather-beaten" style. However, riding this bike model requires the rider to have full skills and understand his bike.

“A classic bike is a manual clutch motorbike, so it will be difficult to use, especially for girls. In addition, this bike model is heavier and taller than normal one. Therefore, it is necessary to practice both skills and constitution in order to be able to ride proficiently. Moreover, this bike model in Hue remains picky about riders, so sometimes it is quite difficult to find a place for repair and spare parts,"  shared Thuy Trang.

For all many difficulties, the girls' love for classic bike does not decline. Everyone has their own passion. For these girls, their passion is to travel on routes with their "spiritual child".

Story: Bach Chau. Photos provided by the character in the story