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31/12/2022 - 07:28

When young people becoming “singers”

With the flourishing of studios and modern equipment, owning individual music recordings and videos has become a hobby, and an attractive choice for young people in Hue, so as to pursue their passion for singing.

“Chilling” with love for music

Everyone can sing

This is the affirmation of Dinh Vu, the owner of a studio specializing in recording and making music videos in Hue City. He said that as  natural talent was very important, singing techniques are also indispensable to sing well and improve the singing voice over time.

“Therefore, with the passion, even if the singing people don't have natural talent, the efforts to practice singing the right tune, and expressing the soul of songs, are just very valuable. The most important thing is that the singer themselves blend with the lyrics and melodies, thereby creating the music recordings and videos products with their personal impressions," he said.

Kieu Trinh, who is not a singer and has just graduated from the University of Economics, Hue University, is Vu's "loyal customer". With the passion of music since her childhood, besides her music recordings, she has recently decided to invest more in a personal music video, in which, Trinh has become a muse, covering the song "Where is your house?” (“Anh nhà ở đâu thế”), a hit by Amee, the singer.

Individual music products becoming more attractive thanks to equipment and technicians

Kieu Trinh shared: "I usually just make music videos in studio. However, as I want to save memories impressively, and then share this passion with my family and friends, I have made more investment in clothes, acting ability, and vocal music. For me, this experience is all new, fascinating, and extremely meaningful.”

According to Dinh Vu, there is diversity in the needs of young people when they choose songs to be recorded. Mostly Gen Z customers love covering their idols' songs, namely Son Tung, Noo Phuoc Thinh, and Hoang Thuy Linh. As for the 8X and 9X customers, they often choose deep songs, regardless of the singers performing them, because most of them come from the passion for singing. The recording products help them retain not only their singing voice, but also the enthusiasm of youth, being ready to burn with music.

Diversity in needs

Besides young people in the city, the ones in highlands are also very interested in creating their own music recordings or videos. After hard working days on the farm, Lam Chan Biet, from Hong Van Commune (A Luoi), often goes to his best friend's studio to learn from experience in training singing voice and recording songs. Since last year, he has had ten songs, giving joy and motivation, and encouraging him to keep practicing and producing more individual music recording products.

“I love music very much. Before, I used to sing with my feelings only; however, when I try recording, I have learned more skills to sing more properly, better and more emotionally," he said.

Vien Xuan Su, a technician of the Mien Nui studio shared: "Before recording the vocals, I guide my customers to record and practice singing with basic techniques such as breathing, singing clearly, or other techniques depending on the songs, so as to make the best recording possible. After that, I mix and blend them with music, so that the vocals, melodies, and the sounds of instruments harmonize, thereby creating well-organized and ear-catching music products".

Currently, studio is usually well equipped with computers, microphones, speakers, sound cards, professional camcorders, and flying cameras. In addition to relieve stress and mark their love of singing, many young people also post their music recordings and videos on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok so as to attract followers and make their own mark.

The cost of recording songs in studios is not too expensive. A music recording product generally costs from a few hundred thousand VND to several million VND, depending on its length and quality. For music videos filmed outside, requiring the flying cameras or modern filming equipment, as well as beautiful background and elaborate scripts, these products might cost up to tens of million VND. Regardless of the price and the background of the music recording and video products, every young music enthusiast can burn with music as the music production is getting closer to normal life.

Story: MAI HUE. Photos: Provided by the characters