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27/12/2019 - 07:37

Why does Victor Vu, the director, choose the "Lonely tree" in Ha Cang village? 

Victor Vu, director, said: "When choosing a tree containing many childhood memories, I do not want to get an old luxuriant tree. I want to emphasize on the element of romance and poetry, that is the reason I chose the “lonely” tree…

Almost every day, groups of young people go to the parasol tree in Ha Cang village (Quang Phu commune, Quang Dien district) for souvenir photos and wedding photos. The “lonely” tree has been appearing thickly on social networks since the launch of movie poster for the film "Dreamy Eyes" ("Mắt biếc").

Nguyen Vinh Huy, a student from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University, went to the tree for photos for the third time. He went there with many friends of his in every single time. Huy said: “I just use mobile phone to take photos, but they are very beautiful. People like the photos, and they want me to show them here and take photos. So, I just keep going!”

People "check-in" the “lonely” parasol tree in Ha Cang everyday

Mr. Tran Quang Hoanh, a cultural official of Quang Phu commune, said that the “lonely” tree was grown on the road to the field by Mr. Tran Quang Chu, a resident in Ha Cang village, to create a shade to rest. At first, the tree was surrounded by fence carefully so as to avoid being hit by cattle; the villagers took turns to take care of it. The tree is about 30 years old now and is home for birds daily.

Revealing the reason for choosing the “lonely” tree near the day of the premiere of "Dreamy Eyes" movie, Victor Vu said: "When choosing a tree containing many childhood memories, I do not want to get an old luxuriant tree. I want to emphasize on the element of romance and poetry, that is the reason I chose the “lonely” tree”.

The director of the "Dreamy Eyes" movie is very fond of this filming location. “For the terrain and form of the tree, it lies alone among a beautiful village junction road, creating a fragile feeling like a silent first love. For the space and atmosphere of the surrounding landscape, from above in the middle of the vast meadow, there is only one tall tree with wide foliage, which is so poetic. At the right time of the day, sunlight penetrates through the leaves, making the small village road even more elegant and romantic. I believe that there is a memory tree in the memory of every person, where we sit for hours with loved ones, then time seems to stop,” he shared.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Tourism, the Department was in discussions with travel agencies to help tour guides grasp the beautiful locations appearing in the "Dreamy Eyes" movie so as to introduce them to visitors. The Department also oriented localities whose beautiful scenes being filmed to put posters with images, and information for visitors to visit conveniently.

If going to visit and taking photos with the “lonely” tree, you should also visit many other places in Quang Phu Commune such as Thien Khanh Pagoda; Bac Vong Palace; Dang Huu Pho stele relic; Phu Thuan Cooperative which was chosen as the setting for the scenes of Do Do Primary School, etc.

Many locals participated in various roles in the movie, hence, you can listen to interesting stories about the behind the scene of the "Dreamy Eyes" movie when meeting them…

Thua Thien Hue Online would like to invite you to discover "check-in" spots in Quang Phu commune:

From the section of National Highway 1A toward Huong Tra town, turn to Tu Phu bridge, you have just arrived in the land by the rich and fresh Bo River.

Just asking about the “lonely” tree in the "Dreamy Eyes" movie, the villagers will show you the way, or even lead you to the place because it is quite famous.

The green of sugarcane fields spreads throughout the village of Quang Phu. Cam Tan sugarcane is the main crop there, with an area of ​​about 24 hectares.

Many young people ask to go into the fields to take photos and can buy sugarcane right in the fields.

Besides sugarcane, the locals also plant vegetables and flowers. If visiting Quang Phu market in the morning, you can buy fresh vegetables with cheap prices.

An idyllic house with fruit trees in the garden

In an opposite road to the “lonely” tree, visitors can visit Thien Khanh Pagoda, the ancient pagoda with moss. In March 2011, Thien Khanh Pagoda was recognized by the Provincial People's Committee as a Provincial Cultural and Historical Site.

Grass carp fish (Ctenopharyngodon idella) rearing in cages on the Bo River is also a local specialty. The commune has about 200 fish cages that provide a significant source of income for the locals.

The Do Primary School’s signboard is kept at Phu Thuan Cooperative, where the crew used to shoot. In the photo is Ms. Phan Thi Lich, an extra in the "Dreamy Eyes" movie, she will tell many interesting behind-the-scene stories while acting.


Video of the “lonely” tree in Ha Cang field

By Linh Tue and Anh Jin