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30/03/2021 - 08:55

Wide are wings

As a child, I used to dream of flying in the sky whenever I heard the sound of an airplane crossing the verenda.

And my dream came true, with many flights to big provinces and cities across the country and most of the airlines. During the flight journey, there were many interesting experiences.

Regrettably, the Phu Bai International Airport (Hue City) still lacks the flights to the cities like Hai Phong, Can Tho... Consequently, in order to fly, it is a bit inconvenient to move to Da Nang by land. Then sometimes, if desiring to go to Da Lat, I also have to calculate how to match the flight schedule with 3 sometimes only 1-2 flights a week, so it is very complicated ...

As Vietravel Airlines took the first plane back home and landed at Phu Bai International Airport, looking at the modern plane with Hue chosen as a base, I thought I would surely take the first flight when Vietravel Airlines organized commercial flights. Therefore, I hunted for tickets and eagerly waited for the day to set foot on the plane. Indeed, Vietravel Airlines did not frustrate passengers with its professional and considerate service.

Looking at the bright faces of passengers upon descending the stairs, I believed that the flight dream of my own and many Hue people is now offered more wings.

Many investors said that Hue enjoys too many privileges: mountains, forests, 5 world heritages, Southeast Asia's largest lagoon system, clean and beautiful beaches, etc. suitable for investment with big projects. However, Hue lacks the path leading investors to it (that is to say, airway). Also because of the connection inconvenience, investors are still hesitant.

That was the story over a decade ago. In recent years, Hue has opened more routes connected to big cities and vice versa, so the routes to Hue are "shortened". Only in one hour can a Hanoian be present in Hue. Only within that time or so can Hue people set foot in Ho Chi Minh City…

However, people still have little choice of airlines, especially for the small provinces and cities... Or in order to fly to the cities like Da Lat, passengers have to wait for the day of flight; it is very inconvenient indeed.

Thanks to Vietravel Airlines, it can be said that the extra expansion of Hue's wings has become a half reality. I say a half because many Hue people and investors also crave for non-stop flights from Hue to other countries. That means that Hue needs not only domestic routes but also international ones.

In the next few years or earlier when the world can get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, if Hue has non-stop flights to other countries in the region and the world, Hue's position will surely be enhanced. International tourists will know more about Hue.

I am not sure they will stay in Hue longer, but if there are non-stop flights, there will be no worries about lack of international tourists. And the flow of European, Korean, Japanese ..., and luxury tourists spending a lot of money is the target for Hue tourism

Welcoming the first plane of Vietravel Airlines to land at Phu Bai Airport

It is not too far-fetched to have more other airlines in Hue, especially when the Phu Bai International Airport is being invested in upgrading and expanding. In a few years, when finalized, the Phu Bai Airport will be a modern one satisfying the large transportation needs in the domestic and foreign aviation.

We have the basis to dream and hope that there will be more international airlines opening the flights to Hue, or even further on, setting up the headquarters in Hue when other major international airports nationwide are overloaded. And more importantly, present-day Hue has not only trees, rivers, streams, golden forests, silver sea... but also a dynamic, proactive government willing to, alongside businesses, address problems.

That was also shared by General Director of Vietravel Airlines Vu Duc Bien during his investment in Hue. He also affirmed that thanks to the support, consultancy and suggestion from the provincial team of experts, the firm made more reasonable adjustments in the development orientation.

On the day of welcoming the first plane of Vietravel Airlines to land at Phu Bai Airport, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh said that this event marks a development step of Hue tourism and service sector. This also opens up a good opportunity for the tourism and service sector to quickly recover from the pandemic. The province will also offer the best conditions for Vietravel Airlines to develop its brand and expand routes.

The expansion and upgrading of Phu Bai International Airport Terminal for seizing the opportunity to increase more airlines choosing Hue as a base have also been taken into account. It is also an effective way for the provincial economy to "take off” alongside the big cities.

It is, therefore, my belief that Hue will always have wide wings to fly to all regions...

Story: Tam Hue – Photos: Duc Quang