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21/03/2019 - 11:24

Wildflowers in March 

Neither regal, mannered nor haughty, the colors of wildflowers are still spectacular on the days of March in Hue.

Without being well-tended, wildflowers are still in natural blossoms and pleasant fragrance. Unlike the regal and mannered roses or orchids, the wildflowers are fragile but not weak, arrogantly rising in the sun, in the wind and between carefree human steps.

There are more unnamed species of wildflowers than the known and wanted ones. Regardless of this, the wildflowers unceasingly blossom and perfume without caring whether any passer-by will miss a land of wildflowers…

The Clerodendrum reminds of a childhood threat that looking at the flower results in a sty in the eye (hence, the name of a ‘sty flower’)

Contrary to the scarlet of the Clerodendrum, the daisy gently shows its beauty with tiny white and pure petals

 A wildflower as it is, daisy is now chosen by many people for decoration

Mimosa pudica is the flower much mentioned in poetry, though it always hides itself in weeds

Melastoma dyes the sky purple in the afternoon

A gecko is "competing" its colors with West Indian Jasmine, a kind of “sweet drink” in many people’s childhood

A wildflower healthily stretches its glory

Lantana camara is brilliant in the afternoon

A few Brassicaceae flowers are quiet in a corner

A flowering plant in the family with gladioli

A concert of colors

This is a wild flower, but its purple color still makes people impressed

Showing the beautiful colors by a cottage roof

By Han Dang