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09/10/2020 - 07:58

With “blue map”, tourists feeling safe to travel in Hue

According to Mr. Le Huu Minh, Acting Director of the Department of Tourism, the industry is urgently building the "blue map" (a safe traveling map) to affirm that destinations in Hue are safe and ready for tourists to visit.

Since tourists are flocking to Bong Lai Island and Tinh Tam Lake, it is necessary to comply with disease prevention recommendations

A safe traveling map

Recently, especially from the last week of August to now, Hue tourism has had some "prospering" signs again. In particular, there have been guests staying in some resorts, from 30 to 90 ones per night.

Several recreational spots have also had hundreds of visitors. Noticeably, on the National Day, 300 visitors came to Alba Thanh Tan (Phong Dien), and 287 ones visiting YesHue Eco Tourist Area (Nam Dong). Especially, heritage destinations welcomed about 4,000 visitors on the September 2nd holiday as the entrance to these was free.

According to the Department of Tourism, to increase tourists' traveling demand in the coming time, the tourism industry has to make more vigorous activities to affirm Hue destinations are entirely safe, with enough conditions, and criteria for epidemic prevention. Therefore, Hue is ready to welcome guests to entertain, explore, and relax.

Mr. Le Huu Minh stated: "Among many solutions deployed in the new situation, the department is urgently building a "blue map." Accordingly, the map will list all the attractive destinations with ensured safety factors, combined with directions aids and travel forms.

Blue map is combined with the Bluezone application recommended by the Government. And this map is considered an official announcement of the tourism industry that: "Hue is safe."

Deploying a safe tourism map is truly essential, especially when Hue is focusing on revitalizing the tourism industry. Recently, many localities and domestic enterprises have put the map into practice, showing effectiveness in the first place.

Taking Vietravel as an example, this business has quickly built safe tourism maps in the localities when the pandemic has been under good control since mid-August 2020. This map aids the business in synthesizing accurate and reliable information for travelers to know where their preferable destinations are.

The representative of Vietravel in Hue informed that, based on the tourism industry's instructions, the company has formed a map and started selling a tour named “exploring Hue - a capital land”.

Accordingly, safe destinations chosen by the company to build tours include Hue City, Nam Dong, A Luoi, Bach Ma National Park, and Tam Giang lagoon. In the upcoming time, when the Department of Tourism expands safe destinations, the company will rely on that to build more tours and increase their tour diversity.

Focusing on stimulating demand from mid-September

Mr. Le Huu Minh affirmed: "When the pandemic has been gradually controlled in the new situation, it is necessary to review, evaluate, and modify some details in the criteria issued before for safe destinations. If we apply them in the same old way, there will be many inappropriate issues for some destinations to meet the demand. The Department has currently revised the safety criteria set and is submitting it to the Provincial People's Committees for being appraised and approved.”

"From this criteria set, a score scale will be formed. The Department of Tourism will coordinate with other relevant industries to set up a committee to evaluate and appraise, and then carry out surveys of all destinations. Only destinations and facilities that meet the demands will be certified as safe enough ones and officially put into the "blue map". This is also a primary condition for destinations to serve customers," said Mr. Le Huu Minh.

The leader of the Department of Tourism added: “Parallel to the forming of safe destinations by the map; the Department has also advised the Provincial People's Committee to issue a plan "Hue people travel Hue". At the same time, the Department assigned the Tourism Promotion Information Center to coordinate with the Provincial Tourism Association to form new stimulus packages. All are being deployed and expected to put into operation simultaneously by mid-September to attract customers from now to the end of the year and possibly to 2021.”

Story and photo: Duc Quang