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11/03/2021 - 09:45

Yellow canola flower season 

In these days, the canola flowers bloom along the banks of the dike, of the river, in the fields, as well as in the vegetable gardens in Kim Long, Huong Long (Hue city), Huong An, Huong Chu, Huong Xuan (Huong Tra), Dien Loc ( Phong Dien) ... Because these flowers bloom in a short time, people usually take advantage of sunny days to come there to check-in and take pictures.

Responding to that needs, in order to create more destinations for residents and tourists, recently some garden owners have sowed seeds to plant more canola, then taking care of and fertilizing them to wait for the flowering season. In the areas specializing in growing vegetables, people leave canola to flower and get its seeds for the next sowing season. Either way, the yellow canola season still makes people feel so excited that they can't help but save that romantic moment… You can see it through the photos of our reporters and collaborators.

And if you still don't have a photos series with canola flowers, this weekend is the right time to check-in these locations. It is not far away but only a few kilometers from Hue city.

Canola seedlings are sowed since January

Canola seedlings are sowed since January

After one or two months of caring and watering, canolas grow and then bloom

After one or two months of caring and watering, canolas grow and then bloom

… and becoming a check-in location that makes many people fall in love

… and becoming a check-in location that makes many people fall in love

 By Thua Thien Hue Weekly