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10/08/2017 - 08:46

Young people make video promoting the beauty of Hue in background violin music

The music video (MV) named "My Homeland Vietnam” introduces the natural beauty and people of Hue in the background violin music of "My Homeland Vietnam", composed by musician Anh Khang.

Tran Cong Duc Minh is a student of Faculty of Applied Arts at Hue College of Arts. Sharing about the reason for making the MV, Minh said that when thinking of Hue, visitors immediately thought of the images of temples, tombs and pagodas. His team wanted to bring the beautiful natural scenery and simple people in Hue to the viewers. "Being very keen on violinist Hoang Rob, as well as desiring to make an MV promoting Hue beauty similar to the one that Hoang Rob did, I immediately think of making the MV with the above theme as doing the project of my academic year," Minh added.

Pham Xuan Tran Phuong, student of Hue Academy of Music, a friend of Tran Cong Duc Minh, became the main character in "My Homeland Vietnam" MV.

Friends behind the scenes. Photo: M.P.Đ

Do Huu Hoang Dat is also a member of that team, contributing to the MV, from making the script to finishing the product. "It took a month to survey, prepare, shoot, edit ... Despite the hard work, when looking back at the working process to promote the beauty of Hue, we are satisfied," a member shared.

Tran Cong Duc Minh, who is in charge of filming, said they used the 700D Canon and the 7D Canon camera with their tripods. The MV has been given very good feedback, posted and shared by some forums. On social sites, many people give compliments on the way to introduce Hue’s beauty in the melodious background music.

By L.Tue