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05/09/2017 - 08:46

Young people to keep the culture of Hue

Researcher and translator Buu Y affirmed that the preservation and promotion of Hue cultural identity was the mission for no other than the young generation, as they were the future owners.

Young people introduce the cultural values of Hue garden houses to visitors

Coming back to the heritage culture

When contacting the young pharmacist Duong Ha Minh Khue, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, people will definitely feel the youthful energy and the love for the traditional culture in this pretty girl. With her fluent English, Khue has become a member of the management board of the English community IZI Hue since she was a student, together with IZI Hue spreading the love for heritage culture to young people when organizing the IziDiscovery program every Saturday.

With IziDiscovery, young people practice, interact in English, share their knowledge of tourism culture and then go on the field trips to promote to foreign visitors. Every month, Khue and IZI Hue organize the experience program to explore heritages and traditional cultural values ​​for young people in craft villages, historical relics, tourist attractions... "In the wave of integration, the traditional beauties are on the wane, we wish to arouse the love for traditional heritage culture in young people through these activities,” Minh Khue said.

Another member of IZI Hue is Nguyen Tran Bao Uyen, a student majoring in Business Finance, Hue University of Economics. Uyen said that with the interest in discovering, experiencing the beauty of the country, she learned about the heritage culture of Hue, travelled around, explored the places of interest, and enjoyed the cuisine of Hue. With the desire to spread the unique cultural values ​​of Hue to visitors, Uyen tries to be a free tour guide for foreign visitors. The little girl shared: "Cherishing the heritage values of my hometown, I find it my responsibility to study the history and culture of Hue, so as to bring Hue culture closer to international friends. This desire may sound a too big, but big things often come from small ones."

The positive signal is that more and more young people are getting back to the heritages of their ancestors. Many young people, who were born in Hue and even those who have loved Hue and stayed in the city, have done a lot of meaningful things for this poetic land. Many artists in the Ca Hue (Hue traditional singing) Club are young people who always wish to conserve and preserve the Ca Hue. The dissemination and promotion of Hue cultural heritages are being carried out by many young people through photography activities, posts on Facebook about Hue landscapes, Hue cuisine to friends across the country. Over the years, many photographers such as Van Dinh Huy, Nguyen Duc Tri ... have made many albums promoting the images of Hue.

Many young people are scientific researchers, such as Pham Ngoc Bao Liem, Vo Vinh Quang, Doan Vinh Du, Tran Van Dung ... with many scientific works, contributing to the honoring and preservation of Hue heritages. Hundreds of young people, who are reporters and writers, also quietly devote many works on Hue culture. These quiet activities have been creating unique colors and images of Hue.

Cultivating the love in younger generation

Researcher and translator Buu Y said that it is the young generation that will preserve and enhance the cultural identity of Hue, so special attention should be given to this generation. Mr. Cao Chi Hai, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Sports said: "They are the “seeds” that need to be multiplied. Many factors are needed to cultivate the love for the traditional culture and heritage culture in young people. We should not only carry out propagation, but also nurture young people’s pride in the cultural tradition of their homeland at their early age.”

According to Mr. Hai, the most important is the education of history, culture and human values ​​when they are still in school. The next is regularly doing the visual propagation of historical values, landscapes of the homeland, traditional culture via television and the media so as to make the impression on young people about the place where they live. It is also important for families to know how to cultivate their children’s national self-esteem, the love for their homeland from their early age...; teach them to understand the history of their family, clan and hometown, hereby cultivating their love for heritages, historical relics and attractions. Imbued with the affection for family and homeland, the young generation will preserve and consciously make Hue more beautiful.

Nguyen Tran Bao Uyen expressed her desire: "We are looking forward to supports so as to have more opportunities to explore and experience the history culture of Hue, such as free tickets or discount tickets to relics and monuments. When organizing community projects for young people to explore heritage culture, we also expect to have some sponsorship."

In this regard, Mr. Hai said that the preservation of Hue cultural identity could not be carried out by a single person or organization. In order to cultivate the love for heritage culture in the young generation, it is necessary for the whole society, departments and levels to attend to and facilitate them to penetrate deeper into the reality and study the relics effectively....

Story and photo: Minh Hien