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11/06/2021 - 16:51

Young people with “30-day challenge”

In the era of growing social networks, young people have made a playground to express themselves. Since then, the interesting challenges named “30-day challenge” have spread among the young.

“Today, the challenge’s theme is a picture of your favorite cartoon characters”

From sharing hobbies…

 “I came across the 30-day challenge of sharing the music preference while I was surfing my Facebook. I found it was quite attractive and decided to give it a try. Up to now, I have followed it for 17 days,” shared Vo Huong Giang, a student of Quoc Hoc High school for the Gifted.

Every day, Giang chooses a song following the theme set on the challenge to update on her story. Sometimes it is her most English favorite song, sometimes it is a song to listen to in a sad or happy mood or her favorite song played by a certain band. On such days of sharing music song, Giang’s story witnesses a great number of viewers, including messages to get acquainted with from some strangers who have never talked to her before.

“These challenges help me have more friends sharing the same preference. I’m going to finish my challenge and try some new ones,” shared Huong Giang.

Young people’s 30-day challenges are now quite diversified in themes, from music, painting, design to interesting things about themselves. Ho Khanh An, a student from Nguyen Truong To High School said that she was doing the challenge of painting in 30 days.

Paintings in various themes such as her favorite flowers, animals, or her self-portraits will be posted on an album on her Facebook to save the challenges that she has done. According to Khanh An, with a desire to apply to the faculty of architecture, doing those challenges will help her to be more creative as well as to receive praise and encouragement from her friends, her teachers about her posted paintings.

The challenge of 30 days sharing music is “favored” by young people

Parents are also patient in following the process of their children’s 30-day challenges. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuyet living in Thuan Thanh ward, Hue City, whose child is a student of Nguyen Hue High School, shared that following her child’s 30-day challenges is also a way that help parents understand their children better.

“I’m so busy at work, sometimes I even don’t have time to talk much to my children . Recently, my children often did 30-day challenges and posted on Facebook story. Give it a view, I can get information about their music hobby, as well as the interesting things they shared with friends. Hence, I understood my children better and also gave them advice and encouragement,” said Ms. Tuyet.

To self-practicing

Not only sharing personal interests, some 30-day challenges also require performers to do the challenge with their best perseverance. “With the challenges such as 30 days doing physical exercises, the level of difficulty should be increased day by day. Therefore, to finish the challenge, performers need to be very patient and determined,” shared Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy (27 years old).

Working as a personal trainer at a gym center, he often does 30-day challenges of doing exercises and records video clips to post on Facebook. At the same time, he also puts physical fitness challenges for his trainees to get better health.

“My challenges for trainees usually are 30-day push-ups, 30-day crunch, etc. The repetitions for the first days are not too many, from 5 to 10 reps, then gradually raising the number. However, many trainees give it up on the halfway due to being lazy or not persistent enough,” said Mr. Huy

Last January, the Young Literature Club of Literature Faculty, University of Science, Hue University launched a challenge of “30-day writing” for young people in love with composing and having a desire to challenge their ability. 

The articles with an aim to share feelings, practice writing skills on 30 different topics will be shared on participants’ personal Facebook news feed. The challenge has attracted a great number of young people to take part in.

According to Ton Nu Ngoc Tam, a student of Literature Faculty, in addition to practicing writing skills, this challenge is also a way to express passion and preference for literature, as well as to show their selves through their articles.

The “30-day challenges” is the option that the young people choose to share about themselves, as well as to practice their passions. After 30 days of doing challenges, they have had great experiences to share with friends, surpass themselves to finish the challenges, improve themselves, and make more motivation to start the new plans.

Story and photos: Dang Trinh