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05/03/2021 - 10:44

Young shoots, green buds 

A new spring is coming back. After many cold days, the sap of trees is overflowing in the growing buds. Under the pale yellow sunlight of the early spring, young shoots and green buds are looking at everything in amazement. The young buds are pale yellow, green, and pink... like the flowers of the sky, joyfully welcoming the spring air, spring wind, and stirring in the wind.

Hue News would like to introduce to the readers a lovely series of photos of green buds and young shoots, captured by the photographer Trung Phan.

The spring has woken up the young shoots

The young shoots open their eyes, dreamily welcoming the spring

The spring days of the month of honey is the season for the leaves to sprout, the grass to germinate and the trees to come into blossom

The buds “open their hands” and touch the warm rays of spring sunlight

In the rhythm of the spring, young buds nestle themselves against the fragile peach flower petals

The color of young leaves is also the color of life, which is in evergreen growing​

The yellow apricot blossom looks like lovely long eyelashes, looking up at the spring sky

The green color is just so light and gentle

From the mother tree trunks, young shoots pierce the ruffled barks strongly, waking up from sound sleep

The young leaves, covered with clear morning mist, looks like the kids’ eyes

By Hue News