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29/07/2018 - 09:32

Zeng weaving attracts young people 

To many people, Zeng weaving has become more and more familiar. However, the traditional brocade of Ta Oi ethnic people (A Luoi) is still a wondrous new world to young people upon their initial experience. The patterns, motifs ... depicted on Zeng lured them into fashion hunts between the past and the present.

Many young people experiencing Zeng for the first time are quite surprised with the patterns and motifs of the brocade weaved by Ta Oi (A Luoi) ethnic people.

Since Zeng weaving was recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage, many young people have come to A Luoi highland. They eat, sleep together with the inhabitants, learn the story about Zeng, and bring back products as souvenirs for friends, relatives when they come back home. "Zeng weaving is colorful and its patterns are so unique, unlike anything I’ve seen before. For a long time, I only know of Zeng through books, but upon entering the houses of Ta Oi ethnic people to see how they weave the brocades with my own eyes, can I truly realize how meticulous and sophisticated it is", Ngoc Anh – a youth from Buon Me Thuot (DakLak) shared.

Recently, Zeng weaving has also become a popular subject that many art schools recommend for their students to conduct researches. All the patterns, colors, beads, textiles, looms... of Zeng weaving have created an attraction for those who are passionate about traditional fashion. The deeper they go into research, the more extraordinary things they discover.

On several approaches to Zeng weaving, fashion major students of Van Lang University (Ho Chi Minh City) were fascinated by the traditional beauty of Ta Oi people beside the majestic Truong Son Mountains. In addition to collecting related materials, the young students also desire to create new products based on the materials, patterns... of Zeng weaving, then promote this unique culture to other people, both domestically and internationally. Moreover, these young people want to preserve the traditional values of Ta Oi ethnic people as a living museum of the diversified and unique fashion.

Below are the photos recorded by Thua Thien Hue Online about the story of young people learning about Zeng weaving.

From their research, they design their own modern motifs for comparison, hoping to create new models

The patterns created by the students from an art and fashion school before going into pilot production

 ‘Self-prepare’ the loom, experience with the weaving process

Many others come to the house of the artisans to watch their performance of Zeng weaving

Zeng weaving has been preserved and handed down by A Luoi people. Zeng is used by Ta Oi women as costumes for festivals and important events

Take advantage of recording the process of weaving

Two girls trying on the shirts, feeling very happy as they were made from Zeng with unique patterns and motifs

Zeng of Ta Oi people have a very dark-colored background, with black, red and blue as the main colors. In this photo, an artisan in the A Roang commune is weaving a brocade of Zeng

Young people learning about Zeng

By Phan Thanh - A. Phu