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Piloting a digital business model

TTH.VN - On the occasion of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day - October 13, Chairman of the Provincial Association of Enterprises - Duong Tuan Anh shared with Thua Thien Hue Weekly about the limitations, strengths, obstacles and aspirations of the provincial business community. He expressed his hopes that the members and businesses will be more active, confident and effective in the integration process.

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Chairman of the Provincial Association of Enterprises - Duong Tuan Anh

In your opinion, what are the strengths of Thua Thien Hue Enterprise?

In my opinion, the strengths of Thua Thien Hue are the enterprises operating in the tourism, service, information technology, textile, construction materials and agricultural production industries ... The province's enterprises have made significant changes since approaching the industrial revolution 4.0. Hence, many businesses have new approaches in production and business activities as well as in operation and management.

The good news is that the business community has formed a team of young entrepreneurs, rich in enthusiasm and desire to contribute. In the Provincial Association of Enterprises, there are hundreds of young CEOs. They have many ideas for innovation and startups which are operating very effectively. They have been investing effort to build digital businesses and apply technological applications for smart business management.

You once said that Hue enterprises are "afraid" of reaching out to "big seas", partly because of the lack of connectivity. So, in the direction of the Association's activities, how are the connections and links concretized by the activities?

Recently, the Association has had many activities to promote the development of the provincial business community and actively implemented the role of connecting enterprises with the central government.

Specifically, the Association has raised many issues of the enterprises, such as tax, credit, land, administrative procedures, conditional industries, and so on to the provincial leaders. We have held dialogues in coordination with relevant departments and agencies to find solutions for the difficulties of businesses. At the forum "Chairman of the provincial People's Committee accompanies enterprises", most of the problems of enterprises had been satisfactorily resolved.

Currently, there are many businesses that have been investing in other provinces. Is this a good or a bad sign, sir?

In my opinion, the facts that Hue enterprises are investing in other provinces and that foreign enterprises are investing in Thua Thien Hue are a good sign. Our enterprises will mature, gain more experience, and attract investment to Hue from those promised lands.

We should also not attribute the investments of our enterprises in other provinces as due to unfavorable business environment of the province. I believe that businesses always have a mindset that they want to be challenged and take risks to grow.

Recently, provincial leaders have paid much attention to creating favorable conditions for businesses, namely listening to businesses through dialogues. However, are there still obstacles that are holding back the number and scale of businesses?

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Although the province has made great efforts in promoting enterprise development, in general, the business development of the province still faces many difficulties. Specifically, the administrative reform effort has not met the requirements, especially the administrative area related to enterprises; the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) is not high...

In addition, there are existing difficulties in the internal operations of enterprises such as lack of capital, inventory, and average technology level. In addition, the number of enterprises applying advanced quality management system is still low. Many products and services have not yet registered for protection under intellectual property rights. The fact that not many businesses have established industrial property rights for their products and services has also limited the development of the enterprises.

So, what is the business community of Hue desiring and expecting aside from their own internal force?

First of all, businesses are always yearning for production and business activities in a favorable and open investment and business environment. They want to fully enjoy the incentives from the issued policies of the State and the province. However, whether this is feasible or not depends on the efforts of the departments and agencies directly managing it.

The business community also expects the province to have a breakthrough from economic spearheads, creating an environment for businesses to contribute and benefit from key projects of the province.

Currently, the investment promotion in Thua Thien Hue as well as many other localities is quite good, attracting many foreign investors. However, the economic linkage between FDI enterprises and domestic enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, is not good. These businesses desperately need linkage in each value chain to promote their role.

Therefore, when signing cooperation agreements with FDI enterprises, the province should consider and give priority to FDI enterprises with prospects of linking and helping local enterprises and workers to participate in the value chain. At the same time, it is necessary to have a highly legal center as stipulated by the Government to connect local enterprises with investors investing in the province.

With the role of the liaison, what is the Association’s future direction to both fulfill its role and create a catalyst for the Hue business community to continue growing?

With the advantage of existing relationships with more than 650 member enterprises and the provincial business community in general, the Association and 8 affiliated units have actively implemented their bridging role and will focus on key activities in the coming time. These include expanding relationships, signing more regulations and cooperation agreements with VCCI Da Nang, Hue University ...

In addition, we have taken the role of strengthening connectivity and coordination between businesses and the province and related industries in trade promotion, credit support, trade connectivity, product consumption, training human resources and etc. These actions contribute to helping businesses overcome difficulties to develop production and business as well as improve the investment environment to create favorable conditions and maximum support for businesses.

This year, the Association has actively coordinated with relevant agencies to strengthen support for businesses to invest in building a digital enterprise model. In order to realize this, we will try to connect and create the conditions to support businesses to implement pilot models of digital enterprises and replicate in the future.

Thank you, sir.

Interviewed by Lien Minh

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