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Bringing Ao Dai to the catwalk

TTH.VN - Graduated from a pedagogy school, then attached to embroidery profession, yet the Director of Doan Trang Embroidery Trading & Service Co. Ltd. has an endless passion for Ao Dai and has been the Ao Dai designer for the last 10 years. She has confirmed her name through fashion shows at home and abroad.

Ao Dai Hue: Towards the brand name establishment and developmentBringing Ao Dai to international fashion lifeViet Bao & Ao Dai designs imbued with Hue essence

Visitors visit the Ao Dai exhibition and design space of the Designer Doan Trang at Bach Dang Street, Hue City

About 10 years ago, as Ao Dai appeared almost exclusively in major festivals, traditional weddings and schools, Ms. Doan Trang has always appeared with the charming Ao Dai, attracting many eyes at conferences and seminars related to the field of garment, handicraft and fine arts creation, Hue specialties... 

Ms. Trang recalls: “In the hall, there were hundreds of delegates, but only me wearing Ao Dai. Sometimes, I felt out of place, but I still insisting on wearing it. If there was a chance, I would wear Ao Dai in the hope of spreading the beautiful image of Ao Dai to our people, tourists and international friends.”

Doan Trang always chooses Ao Dai when attending events

Not only wearing it, Ms. Trang always participates in discussions, promotes the Ao Dai, and hopes that Hue authorities will develop the Ao Dai movement to spread it to people and tourists.

“From a special passion for Ao Dai, I have taught myself to decorate Ao Dai. A beautiful shirt is based on not only the needle line and the fabric, but the decoration, the color scheme and patterning as well,” explained the designer.

In order to fulfill her dream and to create the desired Ao Dai, she has invested more than 1 billion VND in equipping modern computerized embroidery machines in addition to traditional hand embroidery to meet needs of customers. Since then, the Ao Dai branded by the Designer Doan Trang is no longer monotonous, yet satisfied many people with different styles and models such as embroidered, painted, decorated, beaded Ao Dai...

The computerized embroidery machines of the Designer Doan Trang

“Hue is a city of culture and tourism. I always hope that Ao Dai will fill the streets. Tourists are very fond of Ao Dai. As long as this romantic city is filled with Ao Dai, it will create a beautiful impression on visitors. Anyone can make Hue more beautiful by themselves,” shared Ms. Trang as she talked about her passion for Ao Dai.

The first impression and also a turning point for people to know of the name of the Ao Dai designer Doan Trang was in 2015. Her Ao Dai collection was showcased at the Ao Dai show in Malaysia. Through the trade promotion program between the two countries of Vietnam and Malaysia, that was organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she brought a variety of Ao Dai in motifs and colors with the theme of “Sparkling Vietnamese colors” to serve residents and visitors in Kuala Lumpur capital.

15 sets of Ao Dai, with many motifs about the country and people of Vietnam and about Hue, have been highly appreciated by delegates and tourists from both countries, for their materials, subtlety and creative designs. After the show, new opportunities began when domestic and international orders for designing Ao Dai kept coming to her. Since then, tourists know more about Ao Dai and Hue.

Ao Dai models designed by Doan Trang

Miss Ngoc Han in an Ao Dai Designed by Doan Trang

As for Doan Trang, the opportunity to bring Ao Dai abroad appeared to her during fairs in Thailand, Laos, Malaysia... organized by the Department of Industry and Trade, in which Thua Thien Hue businesses had spaces to showcase their products. Doan Trang's Ao Dai was preferred by overseas Vietnamese and local people. Since then, orders “via phone” for tailoring Ao Dai have been continuously made.

At Hue Festivals and other festivals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, her collections of Ao Dai were performed in turn, leaving good impressions in the hearts of Hue people and tourists.

Designer Doan Trang (right) with her Ao Dai designs at the Miss Ao Dai Vietnam Contest 2022

Her designs were inspired by ancient and modern Hue royal motifs, harmoniously combined with silk and velvet materials, embellished with delicate embroidery, drawing, and beading patterns to create a flexibility and lightness. These has adorned the traditional Ao Dai in combination with modern style and brought it closer to people’s daily life as well as to major festivals.

At that time, she was one of three representatives of Vietnam invited to an exhibition showcasing national cultural values in Korea. Along with the other two typical representatives for Phap lam(vitreous enameled bronze) and wood carving, Ms. Trang proudly introduced the collection of Hue royal costumes that she herself restored in many years.

Along with the dream of beautifying Hue with Ao Dai, these days, Doan Trang is busy with preparing the launch of her Ao Dai collection for Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2023. At the same time, she continues her research and design for more new models to serve customers, with an aim of spreading and honoring the beauty and love of traditional national costumes to many women.

Story: Thanh Huong

Photos: Provided by the character

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Finding myself again in Ao dai

My childhood was marked with the image of my mother stroking her ao dai flat before going out (Ao dai is traditional costume for women (and men) in Vietnam.) At that time, cloth produced in the country was cheap; my mother had many ao dai of different colors tailored. She wore ao dai everywhere she went on every occasion.

Finding myself again in Ao dai
Hue Ao Dai, a distinct feature

Ao Dai has become a cultural symbol for Vietnamese women in general. For the women of Hue in particular, Ao Dai is a source of pride because Hue Ao Dai has been firmly established in the hearts of the people. For Ao Dai to flourish and be honored, the support and promotion by our sisters, by the members of the Women's Union throughout the province, are essential.

Hue Ao Dai, a distinct feature
Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed "The ao dai which I love"

Many images of Ao dai Hue and Hue ancient capital’s relics are being displayed by Kao Kuong, a Hue-born photographer (whose real name is Nguyen Cao Cuong) in a photo exhibition themed "The Ao dai which I love". The exhibition opened on March 2 at 87 Tran Quoc Thao Street, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hue-born photographer opens photo exhibition themed The ao dai which I love
Launching a collection of Ao dai inspired by Trinh Cong Son’s music

Following the success of previous collections such as “Xua va nay” (Past and Present), “Nhat Nguyet” (Sun and Moon), “Em den tu nghin xua” (You Come from Ancient Times), “Vu khuc gam lua” (Silk Dance), and “Bong - Hinh” (Shadow - Image), on the evening of December 14th, Trinh Hoang Dieu - a fashion designer, will unveil a new collection of Ao dai entitled “Mau thoi gian” (Colors of Time) at the art event and fashion show “Dieu - Mau thoi gian” (Dieu - Colors of Time) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Launching a collection of Ao dai inspired by Trinh Cong Son’s music
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