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Documentary photo exhibition and book introduction about Colonel Ha Van Lau

TTH.VN - Over 70 documentary photos and many articles on the life and achievements of Colonel Ha Van Lau were displayed and introduced at Diem Phung Thi Art Gallery (17 Le Loi street, Hue City) on the afternoon of December 9.

Exhibition and public feedback on sculpture sketches of musician Trinh Cong Son statue“Huong sac Hue” (The scents and shades of Hue) exhibition

A corner of the exhibition displaying documentary photos of Colonel Ha Van Lau

This event was held by Hue Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with Colonel Ha Van Lau’s family on the occasion of the 104th anniversary of his birthday (Dec 9, 1918 - Dec 9, 2022)

Also in the framework of the exhibition, there was a ceremony of book introduction “The Diplomat - Colonel Ha Van Lau: Revolutionary Memoirs in Memory”, which was selected, edited and published by the author Kieu Mai Son and Mrs. Ha Thi Dieu Hong - colonel’s daughter, towards the 105th anniversary of colonel’s birthday in 2023.

On this occasion, on behalf of the family, former Miss Vietnam Ha Kieu Anh, granddaughter of Colonel Ha Van Lau gave many scholarships to the Study Promotion Association of Lai An Village (Phu Mau Commune, Hue City), colonel’s hometown.

The Diplomat - Colonel Ha Van Lau was born on December 9, 1918 at Sinh Village (Lai An Village, Phu Mau Commune, Phu Vang District - where belongs to Phu Mau Commune, Hue City at present).

The book “The Diplomat - Colonel Ha Van Lau: Revolutionary Memoirs in Memory” was also on the introduction list at this time

He was a talented military commander and diplomat of the country with various contributions to the Vietnam revolution. Living an upright and simple life, he has left for the next generations not only the respect and admiration for his talents, moral dignity, but also the intelligence, planning and strategy of a Hue people. He is one of the excellent students of President Ho Chi Minh. Furthermore, he is well-known for the two resistances against French colonialism (1945 - 1954) and the US imperialist (1954 - 1975) of our nation on both military and diplomatic fronts.

The exhibition takes place until the end of December 10.

By N. Minh

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