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Emotional Trinh music night in the rain

TTH.VN - Despite the heavy rain throughout the Trinh Cong Son music night, the audience did not hesitate to stay until the last performances.

A music night themed "Remembering Trinh Cong Son"Lighting up the festival season

 Quang Dung, singer, and Korean violinist Jmi Ko during the "Dialogue with Trinh Cong Son – Love Found" music night

The music night, themed "Dialogue with Trinh Cong Son – Love Found," took place on the evening of June 9th at the Kien Trung stage area inside Hue Imperial Citadel. It was one of the anticipated programs within the framework of the 2024 International Festival Week.

However, just before the show, heavy rain fell and persisted, causing last-minute changes to the program. According to the schedule, the program was to start at 8:00 PM, but the rain became heavier, forcing the organizers to apologize and wait for the rain to stop.

While waiting, the artists brought umbrellas down to the stands, singing familiar melodies of Trinh Cong Son. Along with the sound of the rain, the audience of thousands sang in harmony, filling the stage. "Trời ươm nắng cho mấy hồng/Mây qua mau em nghiêng sầu/Còn mưa xuống như hôm nào em đến thăm...." (The sun embraces the sky with pink clouds/The clouds pass quickly, and you lean with sorrow/And the rain falls like the day you visited...) The lyrics of Trinh's song "Mua hong” (Pink Rain) briefly warmed up the subdued atmosphere due to the rain.

By around 9:30 PM, although it was still raining, to avoid keeping the audience waiting any longer, the organizers decided to start the music night after the stage floor was dried, implementing "emergency" measures and checking the entire sound and lighting system.

Below the stage, many spectators, wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas, waited patiently. Finally, the artists appeared, bringing timeless songs that created a night full of emotions.

Having echoed in Hue Imperial Citadel at festivals years ago, this time, the melodies of the talented Hue musician returned to the Citadel, but on a stage with magnificent architecture and modern lighting technology - the Kien Trung stage area.

The combination of historical architecture with stunning design, magical lighting effects, legendary songs, and the pouring rain created an unforgettable music night. A strange and new feeling with familiar Trinh artists and the audience of the ancient capital.

The singers Duc Tuan with his sweet, emotional voice, and Cam Van with her deep, warm voice, led the audience into melodious songs with the song Ướt mi (Misty eyes).

With his passionate, warm voice, Quang Dung (singer) also took the audience from one emotion to another with the melody of "Diễm xưa." His performance became more sublime with the soulful touch of Korean violinist Jmi Ko.

Also at this music night, Trinh Cong Son's younger sister, Trinh Hoang Dieu, a designer, presented her "From the Past" Ao Dai fashion collection, modeled by young people from Hue.

As the night went on, under the Hue rain, Trinh's music continued to be sung by the artists. Notably, the harmonious combination of Cam Van and the saxophone duo Tran Manh Tuan and An Tran with a series of songs like "Cát bụi”, “Hạ trắng”, and “Sóng về đâu” (Dust, White Summer, and Where the Waves Go).

As the theme of the night suggested, it was a dialogue between Trinh's music and other famous musicians. This included names that created a large music picture of loving, romantic, passionate, and forgiving Vietnamese people. It was a dialogue between Trinh Cong Son’s "Xin cho tôi” (Please Give Me) and Pham Duy’s "Tình ca” (Love Song) performed by the singer Viet Thu. It was also a dialogue between Trinh Cong Son and Bac Ninh folk songs through Viet Thu's "Đường xa vạn dặm” (Long Road) and Ngoc Khue's "Người ở đừng về” (Please Stay).

Participating in the concert, the singer Tan Son, who has been associated with Trinh Cong Son's music for over 20 years, also performed the songs "Ta thấy gì trong đêm nay” (What Did I See Tonight) and "Hue, Saigon, Hanoi," making the audience lively for a moment.

Throughout the program, documentary images were shown, bridging the present with memories of the mentioned songs, creating a reflective atmosphere. Somewhere, Trinh Cong Son's recorded voice was played, immersing listeners in deep reflection.

Before closing the program, the artists and the remaining audience went on stage and sang "Nối vòng tay lớn” (Circle of Friends) together.

Images from the music night:

 Artists performed in the rain at the Kien Trung stage area
 The singer Duc Tuan, a familiar face with Trinh's music and Hue audience
 The saxophone duo Tran Manh Tuan and An Tran played in the rain
 Models in the "From the Past" collection by designer Trinh Hoang Dieu
 The Kien Trung stage area shined magically in the rainy night of the Trinh music program
 Chief director Tung Leo (in a black Ao Dai) spoke about the Trinh music program
 Audience in raincoats and umbrellas watched the Trinh music night under heavy rain
 At the end of the program, artists went on stage and sang "Nối vòng tay lớn" together
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