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Experiencing handmade products

TTH.VN - Sunday Handicraft & Art is an activity organized by Legend of Hue and craft units on March 19 at Hue Innovation Hub (53 Nguyen Hue Str., Hue City).

Developing tourism associated with craft villagesHue Traditional Craft Festival 2023 to take place from April 28 to May 5


Young people excitedly participating in the traditional art of knitting Toong Macrame

The program attracts the participation and response of many students, parents and even foreign tourists.

Young people are free to be creative and create their own handicraft products such as: traditional art of knitting Toong Macrame, drawing and painting on the Terminalia catappa leaf’s veins, playing board games and reading books for free-of-charge.

Being organized by Legend of Hue, Sunday HandiCraft & Art aims to create a space to experience crafts and create art, along with workshops to share the story of Hue's traditional culture.

The program is held every two weeks on weekends in the space of Hue Innovation Hub.

Legend of Hue is a cultural project implemented with the goal of designing creative and entertaining programs and activities, thereby spreading traditional cultural values to everyone, especially to younger generation.

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The essence of Chinese Opera comes to Hue Festival 2024

Participating in the International Art Festival Week Hue 2024, the Zhejiang Wu Opera Research Center of China will stage and perform some outstanding excerpts showcasing the charm and quintessence of Zhejiang Opera and traditional Chinese opera.

The essence of Chinese Opera comes to Hue Festival 2024
Experience Hue - Da Nang tourism train

On March 9th, the Department of Tourism, in cooperation with various departments, organized a program to experience the Hue - Da Nang tourism train.

Experience Hue - Da Nang tourism train
The elegance of Calligraphy

In a gentle and meticulous manner, Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Tuyen, a girl passionate about Western Calligraphy, devotes her full attention to each stroke. Under the skillful movements of her fingers, each word, with elegant curving ink strokes, appears on the page one after another.

The elegance of Calligraphy
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