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International Kite Festival 2023 to take place from June 3 - 9

TTH.VN - On the morning of May 29, Hue Festival Center said that within the framework of the Summer Festival of Hue Festival 2023, the International Kite Festival 2023 would take place from June 3 - 9, with the participation of many Southeast Asian countries.

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 An experience activity of making kites for children will be held within the festival

The festival is opened at 4:30 p.m. on June 3 at Tu Tuong Park, with attractive activities such as kite - flying art performance, displaying kites and experience of making kites, etc.

The displaying space of kites is located at the Tu Tuong Park, with the presence of 120 kites of all kinds of traditional kites, with the wingspans from 1.5 meters to 3 meters in length; especially, the wingspans of the dragon - shape kites is 50 meters in length; including the kites in shapes of dragon, phoenix, peacock, hawk, crow, swallow, rooster, butterfly, and goldfish.

The kite - making experience space themed "Kites of childhood" aims to guide children in the process of creating a kite, and let them carry out these steps themselves and decorate the kites according to their preferences.

In particular, within the festival, there will be an exchange program on art kite-flying due to be held at the Noon Gate Square on the afternoons of June 4, June 5 and June 8; and at Thuan An beach on June 6 and June 7. The program will be participated by invited international kite clubs from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand; and a group of Hue kite artists (the host), along with domestic kite clubs, namely: Canh Dieu Vang Restaurant Club (Nam Dinh), Phuong Hoang Art Kite Club, and Huong Duong Kite Club (Ho Chi Minh City).

The International Kite Festival 2023 is organized with the goals to promote and preserve the art of making kites and flying kites; and at the same time forming and developing a new culture - art - tourism festival in Thua Thien Hue in the summer.

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