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“Materials” for Phuoc Tich ancient villages’ tourism product development sought

TTH.VN - On the morning of June 15, the Department of Planning and Investment coordinated with the People’s Committee of Phong Dien district and the Cooperation Plus Investment and Consultancy Joint Stock Company (CoPLUS), a consultancy unit (belonging to the Project of Researching, Proposing, and Consulting for the implementation of the action plan to support sustainable businesses), held a program “Phuoc Tich fam trip and hackathon”.

Phuoc Tich ancient village through visual arts“The scents of an ancient village - Happy Footsteps” - Running race to be heldUnique Ky Phuoc sacrifice ceremony in the ancient village by the O Lau river"Old Scent of the Ancient Village" brand for Phuoc Tich built

 Delegation’s members listening to the guidance, and experiencing making Phuoc Tich pottery

In two days, from June 15 to 16, in Phuoc Tich ancient village (Phong Hoa Commune, Phong Dien district), the representatives of businesses working in the field of tourism/travel in the provincial area as well as those working in the field of communication/marketing, together with tour guides participated in the activities of experiencing, surveying, and finding “materials” to develop tourism products for Phuoc Tich ancient village.

The delegation was divided into many small groups to visit and listen to the host introducing about the ancient Ruong houses; visiting Decandrous Persimmon Temple (Mieu Cay Thi); learning about Champa culture; visiting and experiencing making ancient pottery. Furthermore, they also got the chance to boat to learn about the separate lives of people living on the two sides of O Lau River, as well as participating in Ba Lia Circus games with locals; visiting the process and experiencing making Vietnamese banh uot cakes, phu the cakes; visiting and experiencing Dem bang – Pho Trach; visiting the ancient communal house, and listening to the history of dem bang craft village, etc.

After the activities of surveying, visiting, and experiencing, the units’ representatives had a discussion to share their comments and suggestions about the experience tour. At the same time, they also presented their ideas for new products for Phuoc Tich village.

By Huu Phuc
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