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Much ado with Hue

TTH.VN - The National Museum of History is currently keeping and preserving more than 2,500 relics related to the Nguyen dynasty. In the expected plans of Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong, they will eventually be returned to Hue for exhibition and introduction.

Admiring Dragons and Phoenixes on the Treasures of the Nguyen DynastyWatching for the exhibition “Dragon - Phoenix on Nguyen Dynasty royal treasures”

Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong, once in Hue

Discussing about the art exhibition at Hue Royal Antiques Museum, Dr. Cuong said:

This is a very meaningful exhibition space in history, perception and politics. Thereby, we not only introduce the precious cultural values of the Nguyen dynasty, but also help Thua Thien Hue people as well as visitors to Hue see a part of the history of Vietnam during the process of expanding the border and unifying the country.

The artifacts in display will tell us stories about how they were made, how they lived in the last monarchy, and how they were treasured and preserved during the periods of war. It really makes us love our Hue homeland more, love the history of the country more and clearly realize the role of the Nguyen Dynasty in the history of the country.

The National Museum of History and Hue Ancient Relics Center are coordinating with each other to launch the exhibition “Dragons and Phoenixes on the treasures of the Nguyen Dynasty”. Why are the dragon, the phoenix, but not any other names, sir?

Dragons and phoenixes are the symbols of power as well as of the royal family, bearing the aspirations of the nation. Artifacts with the symbols of dragons and phoenixes introduced this time were crafted very skillfully by the hands of talented craftsmen of Hue, using very precious materials such as gold, silver, pearl, etc. The exhibition has a lot of meaning; in which, it holds the message of the undeniable value of the Nguyen Dynasty in the history of Vietnam and its great contribution. This dynasty produced many cultural heritages honored by the world, such as Hue Imperial Relic Complex, Hue Royal Court Music ... Honoring these treasures is the way we introduce to the public so that they can see more clearly the wholesome beauty of the human cultural values of this ancient capital.

More than 2,500 treasures of the Nguyen Dynasty are currently preserved by the National Museum of History. What would be the chance for them to “visit” Hue, sir?

Till now, the Museum and Hue Ancient Relics Center have jointly organized three exhibitions on the treasures of the Nguyen Dynasty in Hue. That is very respectful. We determined to maintain the collaboration to bring more treasures of the Nguyen Dynasty on display in Hue until all of the Nguyen dynasty treasures that are being kept confidential at the National Museum of History is completely introduced to the people.

Today, we are proud to have a complex of Hue Imperial Relics which are honored and maintained. Along with that, the treasures associated with the Nguyen dynasty are also being preserved and promoted, not only in Hue, but also in foreign countries, through exhibitions on the history of the country and the Vietnamese people that we coordinate the work to carry out.

A treasure of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The National Museum of History and Hue Ancient Relics Preservation Center have a very good cooperative relationship. So far, are there any wishes for Hue that you have not implemented yet?

There is a collaboration between us. Together with more excavations and researches on Hue via archaeological programs, there are also exhibitions, books publishing and introducing in turn the collections in the Nguyen dynasty treasures system in Hue. There are still a lot of things that we have to do with Hue, such as continuing to study the whole of the Hue citadel to contribute to its restoration and embellishment; or studying to clarify the role of the Hue dynasty in historical periods  through the vestiges of the Tay Son dynasty, the kingdom of Champa, as well as modern historical issues ... Those are the important works that need to be continued to carry out so that the public and visitors can understand more about Hue and honor the value of Hue's cultural heritage in the process of national history.

If there is a message to Hue people, what would you want to say?

I just want to express my own feelings. I have traveled to many places and found that many countries in the world do not have the values of cultural heritages like Hue. In those countries with world-class cultural heritage, people are very proud of it and honored to be living with the heritage. There, the cultural heritage itself brings many benefits to the people, from the spirits to the economic conditions.

I think every Hue citizen is aware of the value of the cultural heritage that Hue has. It is hoped that, with what we are having, Hue people would love and join together to build our homeland stronger day by day, as well as to respect and preserve these cultural heritages for the next generations.

Story and photos: Dong Van

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