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The "Scent of Time" imprint

TTH.VN - On the evening of December 26, Thua Thien Hue Music Association organized a music program titled "Scent of Time."

Composer Pham Duy and HueMusician Hoang Song Huong and his songs about Hue

Presenting flowers to the musicians 

The program introduced to the public 16 selected songs by four musicians: Viet Duc, Le Phung, Vinh Phuc, and Nguyen Viet. Each musician brings a different style and musical influence. Viet Duc with folk influence through works such as "Sending Love to Hue," "Remembering Night," "Hue in Me," "Through Nam Giao Esplanade."

The works "Suddenly," "Love the Folk Song," "One Side of the River," "A Roang Forever Green" by Le Phung with melodious and passionate lyrics evoke a nostalgic, gentle, and peaceful atmosphere of the Ancient Capital. Meanwhile, Nguyen Viet, with the theme of the country, introduces to the music-loving audience four songs: "Singing about my country," "My legendary hometown," "Tango dedicated to the frontline," "I love Hue."

The program concluded with four works about Hue by Vinh Phuc: "Wandering on the Cyclo," "Memories of a Hometown," "Hue's Eyes," "Hide and Seek." Among them, the song "Wandering on the Cyclo" is favored by the audience, depicting the journey of a cyclo carrying tourists around Hue: "From Nam Giao down to Thien Mu, from Dong Ba to Gia Hoi."

According to folk artist Pham Ngoc Khoi, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Musicians' Association, the songs introduced in the "Scent of Time" program are the result of labor, the crystallization of the essence in the creative process of all four musicians. These are all songs that require high skills in orchestration and vocalization. It is hoped that the audience will embrace and appreciate the new creations of the composers.

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Music by a Hue composer in Moscow

On the night of May 6th, 2024, the three romances composed by Le Tu Minh, a Hue-native musician, were played at the Auditorium of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. That was indeed a historic moment because it was the first time Vietnamese music had been played on stage at the oldest and most prestigious symphony house of Russia.

Music by a Hue composer in Moscow
So profound women’s voice from inside

“When each face is a rose…” I do not know why I suddenly recalled that sentence from a song when I watched the performance of Ca Hue (Hue Singing) named “Women’s Voice from Inside” at the auditorium for Ca Hue at 25 Le Loi St.

So profound women’s voice from inside
Truong Tien Bridge in a misty morning

Hue has entered the season of mist. It is when walking on the Truong Tien bridge, one suddenly recognizes the city is wrapped in soft floating mist. One stands on the bridge, looking at the river full of milky mist, hearing the sounds of fishermen paddling. Mist lingers among trees and grass in the verdant parks. It is as if the whole city were slowing down and it looks so beautiful like a painting.

Truong Tien Bridge in a misty morning
Tech-cyclo, why not?

There is no need to explain at length; now that almost everyone knows what Grab services is.

Tech-cyclo, why not
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